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How to share your Instagram posts with your Facebook friends in 1 click

Do you want to keep your Facebook friends up-to-date with your Instagram posts?

Preparing one post twice to make sure your Facebook friends get to see your Instagram news can get tedious after a while.

Luckily, there is an elegant and easy solution for you.  

Once it is set up, every post on Instagram is one click away to appear on your Facebook page. This is how it is done. 

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6 tips on how to build an effective Instagram profile for small businesses

With more than 40 Million photos shared, Instagram tells stories from all over the world. Big and small businesses, brands and individuals, celebrities, CEOs, designers and store owners all are creating stunning look books to share with their followers, build relationships and promote their businesses.

There are endless opportunities to share your photos on Instagram, find and connect with people and eventually grow your business. So enter the world of stories, tell yours, reach out and engage! 

Here are 6 strategies that can help you build an effective Instagram presence for your business.

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