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My favourite free photo sources

When designing a website or brand, photos and illustrations are a must to create a lively, authentic and imaginative experience for the user or customer.

And there are amazing resources available for everyone.

Photographers have been making their artwork available online. And it is amazing what you can find for free. For our convenience, photo platforms have emerged compiling huge amounts of free stock images and offering them to the public along with tags, categories and related images. 

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New Brand & Web Design for M+H Private

A few months ago, James and Craig from M+H Private left their accounting careers to start their own Brisbane based firm. 

Soon after the decision was made, James asked if I could help with branding and web design. I was probably jumping up and down on the phone as I always get very excited when a new project comes my way. I love the design challenge and creating websites from scratch.

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Squarespace Tip 3 | The font matters

In addition to colours and images, fonts play an important part in website design. 

In recent years the font choices for websites have expanded greatly. While web designers previously were restricted to 'web safe' fonts ensuring maximum compatibility between browsers and operating systems, we can choose from a vast selection of professional typefaces today. This has revolutionised the aesthetics of web design bringing the possibilities of print design onto the screen. 

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New Brand & Web Design for HH Wealth Creation

When prospective clients ask how long the design project will take, initially I would have said 3-4 weeks. I felt as though from my end I could easily finish a project within 2 weeks. That is given the client provides the content and input necessary to guarantee the project to be successful for both sides.

This time it happened.

I designed a logo, launched the website and sent business cards off for printing for HH Wealth Creation with a two week time frame. Yay :)

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5 simple ways to make your homepage more effective

Business websites have a reason and a mission. They are there to help you achieve your business goals, not just to look good. They have to be effective.

Psychology is the study of the human mind and its functions. And since the interaction with a website is predominantly a cognitive action, it is a great starting point. So, how can we design the website "brain friendly"? What leads to more subscribes, increases sales and invites more people to book online?

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