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3 easy ways to improve SEO for your Squarespace website

Traffic solves most problems.

And SEO helps driving traffic to your website. 

More traffic means that more people are finding and visiting your website. This results in more leads and eventually more customers.

Search is the number one driver of traffic to content web pages. The organic search is beating social media by an astounding 300%. This means that is it really important that search engines know about you and your services so that people find and visit you. 

In this part I will show you how to implement 3 of those tips specifically on your Squarespace website. 

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7 crucial SEO tips, how Google works and what Old McDonald has to do with it

The website is your business hub.

All marketing efforts are pointing to your online presence. You are advertising your services, selling products, connecting with customers and educating through blog posts.

The aim is to be found online. And ranking top for your keywords seems to be a desirable goal. 

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation seems to be the answer to be found on the internet. SEO is definitely important, but takes time and consistent effort to succeed.

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