Why blog?

I think that blogging could easily be considered as a marketing artform.

A modern day artform that is quite relevant to practically any online business. A creative outlet that stimulates ample and recurring opportunity for your business to shine by means of expressing a personal and human side to your business, expressing the passion you feel for your business and being an efficiently articulate platform to create a positive first impression.

Why Blogging is important, On Port 80 Web design & Blogging, Brisbane, Australia

Blogging to build trust

Blogging can be a tool to help build trust, familiarity and develop customer relationships, while also sharing relevant industry specific insights and creative ideas with your audience. A blog is an important extension of your business as it can be used to educate and inspire your customers while also helping them to solve their problems through the information you are providing.

Thank you,  PIXABAY .

Thank you, PIXABAY.

 Blogging to create your online profile

Blogging allows you the opportunity to create a positive online profile, while also helping you to control your online presence and personality. An active and well maintained blog helps to position your business as healthy and active. It offers a quick and very easy way to promote any new product releases and store offers, communicate industry events, share information of interest to your current and potential customers and clients and answer any questions your target market may have for you. A positive outcome resulting from paying attention to client concerns and answering client questions, is that you will gain further insight into being able to pinpoint more effectively exactly what your customers are looking for and what they need.

Thank you,  @pexelsphoto .

Thank you, @pexelsphoto.

 Blogging to grow your business

Blogging is a great opportunity to really offer value to your customers by way of giving them relevant and up to date information on your products, services and industry. The more content you provide on your blog, the more leads you will attract, which in turn, will result in an increase in sales.  By consistently delivering quality content, you build your business credibility, increase familiarity in your brand and also expand your network of potential customers who you increasingly continue to attract to your sight. As your website traffic increases, your search engine rankings are boosted, which in turn continues attracting more and more clients.

Blogging should be considered as the not-so-in-your-face marketing element that your business uses to connect and interact with your customers. The ability to easily share the information in the blog with others is a very gentle and organic, but also powerful and efficient way to get you business out there.