How to Start your Squarespace Subscription

Launching your new website is scary and thrilling at the same time!

I remember feeling slightly uneasy before I decided to go live with my On Port 80 website. I didn't know what to expect. I felt apprehensive to share things about myself online and hesitant to promote my work publicly. 

how to start your squarespace subscription, On Port 80 Web design, Brisbane, Australia

The reality though, is nothing really happens in the beginning when you are initially launching your website. Nothing happens until you decide to go out and tell people about it and make sure the search engines start finding and ranking your website. Your website is a virtual store. It is your responsibility to attract customers.

In a physical store you could -

  • inspire potential customers with beautifully decorated windows displaying your products and making special efforts to celebrate Christmas, Mother's day, Father's day and all the notable occasions relevant to your business.
  • hand out glossy flyers to people passing by letting them know what is new and what is on sale. 
  • invite people to come in and have a look around. Perhaps offer them a cup of tea. 

Similar to a physical store, being proactive after you launch your website will get you noticed and will increase visits. To make this happen, you could -

  • update your homepage banner announcing your latest products, offers, and news.
  • send out emails to your customers with inspiring and relevant content and direct them back to your website.
  • write blog posts targeted specifically to your customers by knowing what they want, what they need and what problems they are facing and how you can solve those problems.

The very first step in this process though is starting your Squarespace subscription, which is necessary to make your website visible.

Starting your Squarespace subscription

To officially launch your website, you will need to go through the following steps:

Log into your Squarespace account and go to - 

  1. HOME
    • Select WEBSITE PLANS on the top
    • Choose ONE OF THE PLANS - you can always upgrade if needed
  6. PAY and SUBSCRIBE with your credit card

Below are screen shots and further detail of this process - 

1. Log into home on your Squarespace account

Go to and either create an account if you have not done so previously or enter your login details. You will find the LOG IN button on the top right.

The Squarespace home page - Click on the top right to log in

NOTE: If you are working with me, I will send you an invitation to become a contributor to your website. The steps are the same starting with creating your Squarespace account. 


Fill in your details or create a new Squarespace account

2. Click on SETTINGS

In the left menu click on SETTINGS.

3. Click on

4. Click on

5. Click on

In this step you UPGRADE your Squarespace account by selecting one of their plans. 

Squarespace offers WEBSITE PLANS and COMMERCE PLANS. Depending on your needs, choose the right package for you. If you are about to open a store, choose one of the commerce plans. Otherwise you can start with one of their basic website plans, which do not offer premium features anymore. It is, however, still sufficient to run a basic website. 


Payment time :)

You have a choice between a discounted annual plan or to pay the subscription monthly. It is completely up to you.

Pay for your new Squarespace plan to upgrade, On Port 80 Web Design, Brisbane, Australia

Click SUBSCRIBE and you are all set. 

Your website will now be available with the built-in Squarespace domain:

Once you are ready to connect your own domain, go through the connection process and the world will find you under your own domain.

It's time now to look after your website just like you would look after your store. Keep it clean and make sure people know where you are and what you are doing.

Stay tuned! I will make more blog posts available to guide you through the first phase after launching your website and also how to analyse your visitors and specifically what they are looking at.

Have you launched your own website before? If yes, what were your thoughts on this process?

I am looking forward to your comments!