Want more traffic? Create your Facebook business page in 6 easy steps

You as a business are always looking for new ways to reach out to people.

You want to make sure they know about your offerings, how you work and if you can solve their problem. 


Facebook is a good place to start to find get in contact with people reporting 2 billion monthly active users on average.

People spend about 35 minutes per day on Facebook. That is only topped by Youtube with 40 minutes, then followed by Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. 

Social media usage for the United States for 2016 Source:   MEDIAKIX

Social media usage for the United States for 2016


Have the numbers convinced you? Then let's have a closer look as to how you as a small business can take advantage. 

Facebook business pages

Conveniently, Facebook offers business pages

According to Facebook’s statistics, in July 2017, over 65 million businesses had created pages on Facebook with more than 1 billion people visiting these pages every month. Over 450 million people are buying or selling on the popular social platform.

Since businesses are not only competing with direct competitors, but also for attention with everyone else, it’s important to get everything right on your Facebook business page.

On Port 80 Business Page

On Port 80 Business Page


The Facebook business page consists of

  • A profile picture such as your logo or a photo of yourself.
  • A cover photo that shows what your business is all about.
  • Below the cover image people can like, follow and share your page. The button with the three dots opens up a list to manage your page and to gain insights into how your page is performing.
  • A call-to-action button allows your visitors to get in touch or shop.
  • In the left panel, you are able to manage your posts, reviews, photos, your shop, events, access your business info and your followers. The prominent blue button underneath the list of links leads you into the world of Facebook ads
  • And like in your personal Facebook account, the posts are listed in the centre of the page.  

Facebook made it quite easy to set up your business page. It only takes minutes and can be done on your desktop computer or mobile device.

Creating your business page

There are three steps to set up your business page:

1 | Create a page

Login to your Facebook account. If you don't have one yet, set one up first.

In your account, on the top right corner, click the down arrow and find CREATE PAGE in the drop down menu.


2 | Select the business type

Facebook offers 6 different types of businesses to choose from:

  • Local business or place
  • Company, institution or organisation
  • Brand or product
  • Artist, Band or Public Figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community

Choose the appropriate option and click on the tile.

In this tutorial I am setting up a local business or place as an example as it requires the most information up front. 

3 | Enter your business information

In this step you are prompted to enter your business information. To finalise the setup, you need:

  • A name: Your page name will probably consist of your business name and maybe an addition so that people know what you are about. I added Webdesign to my company name: On Port 80 Webdesign
  • A page category: What type of business are you? Start typing and Facebook will offer a list of suggestions to choose from. You can add more than one category. In my case: Web designer
  • An address: You have to enter your street address in the local business option so that people can find your small business.
  • A phone number: Since you are local, Facebook is asking for a phone number.

For all the other business types, you only need to select a category and enter the business name.


Viola! Your business page is set up. Just a few more tweaks and you are ready to go.

Finishing your business page

1 | Add a profile and cover photo

To add or change your page's cover photo:

  1. Click in the top left of your cover photo or on the bottom right of your profile photo.
  2. Click Upload Photo to upload a photo from your computer. You can also click Choose From Photos to use a photo you've already uploaded to your page.
  3. After choosing a photo, click the photo and drag it up or down to reposition it.
  4. Click Save.

Choose photos that represent your business well. You can use your logo as your profile photo and an image of your shop, products or one from a current marketing campaign as your cover photo.

The dimensions

Profile photo: minimum 170x170 pixels

The profile photo is a square and displays at that size on computers, smaller sizes apply for phones. So make sure your image is at least 170 pixels wide and high. Keep in mind that your page’s profile picture will be cropped to a circular shape in ads and posts, but will remain the same square shape when people visit your page.

Cover photo: 820x312 pixels, minimum 400x150 pixels

The cover photo is a rectangle and displays at 820x312 pixels on computers, again smaller sizes apply for phones.

2 | Edit the page info

The page info is very important as this will tell your customers and clients who you are, what you do and where to find you. 

You can edit the page info

  • by clicking on the three dots next to LIKE | FOLLOW | SHARE … and then
  • by choosing EDIT PAGE INFO.

There are four sections for you to fill in:

  1. General
    In the General section, make sure you enter a description. An effective way is a one-sentence, super fast description that gets right to the point. Depending on the nature of your industry, a quote could also be an effective option.

  2. Contact  
    Being found is everything. So show people that you exist and that they can find you in real life as well as online.
    Add your email address and website so that people easily find you. A website link helps to drive organic traffic from Facebook to you, especially as the social network gains importance as a search environment.
    If you’re a local business, share your address and phone number as well.

  3. Location
    Again very important. As more and more people access Facebook on a mobile device, they can make use of the GPS features. Providing your location allows you to get on top of people’s list when they are close by.

  4. Hours
    The hours are only relevant if you are a local business. Let people know when you are open and when they can contact or even visit you.

3 | Set a call to action


Just like on your website, let your visitors know what you want them to do. Call? Shop? Email? Book? Pick one and set the blue action button underneath the cover photo accordingly.

It just takes a few clicks to add a call-to-action button to your page:

  1. Click + Add a Button below your page's cover photo
  2. Select a button from the dropdown menu and fill out any required information
  3. Click Add Button

Once the button has been created, you can test your button:

  1. Hover over your button
  2. Select Test Button

Now you are ready to invite the first visitors to your page. Facebook conveniently suggests PEOPLE WHO MIGHT LIKE YOUR PAGE based on your friends. That is a good start.

Then start posting. Let people know who you are, how your business can help them and show off your work.

All set. Have fun!