Squarespace Tip 2 | How to update your social media accounts with your Squarespace blog posts

One of my clients recently asked me if there was an easy way to get her blog post updates on Squarespace straight to her Facebook account.

Of course there is :)

It is just one of the many convenient features of the platform. You can automatically push new site content to your social media profiles.

As mentioned in one my previous posts, you might as well share your posts with as many people as possible after you have put all the hard work into creating them.


Placing your blog posts on sites like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn drives traffic to your website and to your social profiles alike. By using the “push” option Squarespace creates posts on your selected social profiles when you publish new content. It saves you time cutting and pasting and your followers and friends never miss out on any of your updates.

Squarespace allows you to push content to five social media platforms:

Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Pinterest | Tumblr

In addition to blog posts, you can also push these content collection items:

  • Gallery Page images or videos

  • Events

  • Products

  • Album tracks

Please note that there isn't an automatic sync between Squarespace and your social networks. You authorise to publish every post individually.


How to push content updates from Squarespace to your social media account

There are two steps to take care of: 

Step 1 | Connect your social accounts in the Squarespace SETTINGS

1. In your Squarespace account go to SETTINGS
4. Choose the account you would like to connect and follow the instructions. Set your PUSH settings authorising Squarespace to post to your social media profiles and pages.

Now your account settings are ready to go :) 

Step 2 | Authorise to push content to your social media every time you publish

Once you are ready to publish your post:

5. Go to EDIT POST
6. Open the SOCIAL tab on the top right and choose the accounts you would like to update with your new post and switch them on

The following image gallery is taking you through the steps:

Viola, you are all set.

This is an example of one of my posts on Facebook:



I am curious to hear how you went! If you have pushed post updates to Facebook or any other social media platforms before, how has it impacted your workflow and your business?

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