New Brand + Website Design for The Skin Suite

In today's post I would like to announce the launch of The Skin Suite' s new website and share some insights of my work with Sarah, the founder and owner of The Skin Suite. We started the project earlier this year and launched the new website last week. Very exciting. 

1 | The beginnings

When I first met with Sarah from The Skin Suite, she asked for a complete redesign of her current brand and website. She was unhappy with the layout, content presentation and functionality. All she wanted was tidying it all up and turning it into a white, clean and elegant space that would reflect her beautiful clinic and the way she worked.


The request: No images, no colours. Just white space and black writing. At least to start with.
The main aim of the website: Make online booking easy and increase its number. 

The old email footer incl. logo    

The old email footer incl. logo


First logo design

First logo design


Brand inspiration

The first step was to find images that describe Sarah's vision of her business. We created a Pinterest board and started saving images. From there I created the inspiration board for The Skin Suite. The images included mainly white and natural tones. some plants and lots of gold.

Even though the first direction was to just go black and white, gold seemed to go well with this unique skin clinic. So we decided to go with black, white and gold. 

2 | Brand inspiration

So off I went, created a Pinterest board and started collecting images, fonts, colours and tones that supported Sarah's business vision. Based on the collection I created an inspiration board. The inspiration board is the first visual guide for the brand design. 

The Skin Suite's inspiration board included mainly white and natural hues, some plants and as it turned out, quite a few different shades of gold.

Even though the first intention was to just work with black and white, gold seemed to go very well with Sarah's luxury skin and beauty treatments. So we decided to complement the colour palette with gold. 


3 | The logo

Following the initial intention, the first logo was only going to be designed in black serif font on white background. We then felt, however, that we should include the gold to underline high end services The Skin Suite is offering. Here are some ideas we played with.


Looking through the iterations, Sarah picked the elements she liked most and the new logo was created: The sans-serif Lato font with a golden line along the bottom embracing Skin Health. 


4 | The website

The next step was to create a website with an online shop for Sarah's business. Sarah loves to keep things simple and elegant, which made Squarespace the perfect platform to develop her website in. 

For her home page she asked for an image that would fully cover the screen on any device. The THORNE template offered that functionality along with an online shop and lots of customisation settings that allowed me to create a website that Sarah just loved. Starting out again with black font and a lot of white space, the website started to take shape.

At one meeting Sarah found as though we should include some images to show her clients what treatments and products looked like. And so we did. 


The last image we needed was a model for the home page until Sarah gets photos of her own clients ready. We were searching for a very natural look without makeup and decided to go with this happy, young lady.


Based on the inspiration board, we chose the colours, fonts and images and set the tone for the new website.

To encourage new and existing clients to book online, we placed the golden book online button on the top right of every page and in any section within the pages where it felt intuitive for people to book one of the amazing treatments. 


5 | The brand style guide

After the logo and the website, I also created a business card, Mailchimp templates for pre- and post-treatment advice, an email signature and a treatment list. 

Once I have completed all the bits and pieces for a brand and/or webdesign, I like to capture the new look and feel in a brand style guide. It is a one page summary with the logo, the colours, fonts and images that inspired the branding for the project. 

Here is the brand style guide for The Skin Suite. 

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Sarah. 

I'm very excited with the outcome of the new brand and website, and even more excited that Sarah is happy with the outcome, too. 

There's so much work that goes into projects on my client's end, too, so be sure to visit The Skin Suite's website. Have a look at her treatments if you are in Brisbane or close by. They are amazing!

What do you think of the new brand and website for The Skin Suite?