Free local SEO with Google My Business

As you probably know, Google Plus is Google’s own social network. Like other social networks, it allows you to connect with your customers, clients, friends and fans. 

Being a part of the Google family, it might only be a little surprise that Google Plus can have a significant impact on your site’s SEO (search engine optimisation). 


The business pages within Google Plus are called Google My Business. It is a platform that makes it easy for people to find and connect with your business. 

It integrates Google Search, Google Maps and Google Plus and helps you to get on the top of phone and desktop screens. 

This is also a good way for your business to get attention and credibility. 

Google search results for "Restaurants near me"

Google search results for "Restaurants near me"



Show that you're open for business
Tell people who you are, what you are offering and at what times. Add images, videos, a catching write-up and accurate business and contact information.

Look good in local search results
Control how your business appears in Google search and present your best side. 

Connect with people and get reviewed
Respond to reviews, interact with your customers and stand out on Google Search and Google Maps.

All statistics on your fingertips
The dashboard is waiting for you with detailed information about ratings, site interactions and site views. 


Just 5 easy steps

1 Create a Google My Business account including a Google Plus account 


2 Add your business information: Name, location, phone number and category


3 Confirm your business which creates the Google Plus page


4 Request to verify your business location and get a code in the mail


5 Add more business information and start connecting, analysing and growing


Google My Business is a good way to help the search engine and therefore people find and promote you.

A strong profile can have a notable impact on your site’s SEO. It will help you to stand out and get to the top of local search results.

But most importantly, it makes your online business a place where people meet, talk and connect.

Have you had any experience with Google My Business? I am looking forward to your comments!