Squarespace in a nutshell

Squarespace is a great all-in-one solution if you are looking to create a website, blog and even an online store. 

It is an amazing platform for writers, journalists, graphic artists, photographers, jewellery designers, social media consultant or any other professional field you might be working in.

When I learned about Squarespace for the first time, I could not wait to work with it. And that was before I even looked at the neat back end, the included hosting, the intuitive editing, the reasonable pricing or the amazing customisation on offer.


Just by browsing through their templates, I had that a feeling that this is what I have been looking for. And I have not been disappointed. 

Here is why.

Professional design

Designing your site with Squarespace enables you to create a crisp, modern website without any coding knowledge. The designs that come with any of the templates let you be your own professional designer. As a bonus, all templates are responsivly designed from the start. This makes it super easy to “go mobile” and look great on any device. 

You get to pick a template and then make it happen, who could ask for more?

Easy to edit

Editing your content is easy. You can create new web pages with one click and start adding and arranging text, photos and files. Simply hover over the content to see the all the design options, make the changes and then apply your formatting. You can also easily include feeds from your social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

You can do all that any time you like and as often as needed.

All in one

There is only one login to remember.

This will give you access to your website editor, blog and eCommerce, your settings including billing, hosting, domains, checkout and SEO. Squarespace also records user behaviour and website statistics which is available in your account.

Everything is in one place. I love it.

Fully hosted

Squarespace offers a fully hosted cloud service. This means that your site is sitting on a one of their servers and is therefore always up and running. You don't have to worry about anything.

It also allows you to edit your website and change your settings from any device online. No downloading or software installations. 

Squarespace also automatically secures your site with the recommended industry standard. This means that exchanged credit card numbers, usernames and passwords, and other sensitive information can only be seen by the intended recipient.

Squarespace is the fully hosted website platform that I am recommending to most my clients. So far their feedback has been appreciative and comments like “why wasn’t this available 2 years ago when I started my website” keep being told to me. They have been very happy with the choice. 

Have a look around on the Squarespace website and get inspired!


Are you tempted to create your own website? Or if you have already worked with Squarespace, what are your experiences?