New Brand & Web Design for HH Wealth Creation

When prospective clients ask how long the design project will take, initially I would have said 3-4 weeks. I felt as though from my end I could easily finish a project within 2 weeks. That is given the client provides the content and input necessary to guarantee the project to be successful for both sides.

This time it happened.

I designed a logo, launched the website and sent business cards off for printing for HH Wealth Creation, Brisbane, with a two week time frame. Yay :)

1 | How it all started

This project came about over a couple of drinks one night at Sake in Brisbane. While a mossy ice cube was covering my whiskey with white, cold steam, we had a nice chat with Chris and Victoria from HH Wealth Creation.

I can't remember exactly how it came up, but suddenly Victoria asked if I could help them with their website. 

Brand & Webdesign for HH Wealth Creation by On Port 80 | Brisbane, Australia

I got so excited.

I kept sipping my drink trying to stay calm and relaxed. But my head immediately started thinking about how to capture their financial planning business on a website. I love imagining layouts, designs, fonts and colours. 


We just want something simple and elegant, Victoria kept explaining. And this could be the logo. She showed me the back of her phone. It was light pink and had two golden HH on the top.

There were my basic colours. 

2 | Brand inspiration

In a second meeting - without drinks :) - we discussed the project in more detail. We talked about the business philosophy, the services and how a website and brand will help them achieve their goals.

Back at home I started working on an inspiration board which would help translating the company's vision, the way they worked and what their customers would be attracted to into an effective brand and website.

Their colour requests were quite perfect for their business as gold is associated with wealth and prosperity as well as compassion, magic and wisdom. These are all elements that make up the business philosophy of HH Wealth Creation. The pink adds a refreshing touch and gives the brand an approachable and caring tone.

As they are helping people achieving financial freedom and realising their dreams, I searched for images of holiday destinations, beaches, drinks as well as modern and high end interior design. 

Some green plants would help making the website a relaxed living-room like space where visitors could get comfortable while Chris and Victoria are taking care of their financial future. 

This is what I came up with.

Inspiration board for HH Wealth Creation

Inspiration board for HH Wealth Creation


3 | The logo

The next step was the logo design. 

In this case the logo creation was quite straight forward.

Based on Victoria's phone background, I started picking fonts, choosing different shades of gold and playing with size, shape and alignment. We wanted to keep the logo very simple and stay with one colour.


They ended up choosing this version. 


4 | The website

After completing the logo, I started creating a modern, professional website so that people could contact the business and find out more about HH's philosophy and services. 

Incorporating the gold and pink, I created three drafts using different Squarespace templates. The template choice is always challenging and exciting at the same time. Even though each template is beautiful and highly customise-able, some work better for certain projects than others depending on the goal, target audience and style of the website. 

Chris and Victoria chose the second template, Bedford, one of my favourites :) I love working with that template. It is easy to customise and offers great features for small business websites. 

In the next step I picked the fonts and added the company's colours and content. 

Based on the brand style guide, I added photos that would make visitors feel like home. I also potted some plants here and there. 

The last image we added was the beach on the home page. The sand is the perfect golden colour making it the choice for a welcoming entry page. The website includes four pages: Home - About - Services - Contact. For now we included a few testimonials on the home page.

As the business will be growing, we will look into adding a blog and more information on their service packages. 

4 | The business cards

In addition to the logo and website, I also designed business cards. 

I especially love the gold foil elements on both sides of the cards. They look so elegant. I got them printed by Moo. In addition to the many different options they offer, their products are always of the highest quality and they are getting the job done quickly. 

HH Wealth business cards | On Port 80 Webdesign, Brisbane

I gave Chris the option of a black or a white background. And yes, you guessed it: He went with the black one. 


5 | The brand style guide

I summarised the styles, fonts, colours and images in the brand style guide which helps clients to keep all their material consistent throughout the brand. 


It was a pleasure working with Chris and Victoria from HH Wealth Creation. They were quick in responding and deciding which way they wanted their brand to go. This made it possible to complete the whole project within 2 weeks. I will work towards making this the norm for my future client projects.

What do you think about the new brand for HH Wealth? I am looking forward to hearing from you!